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Bosnian Bloggers do not rank, algorithmic bug or discrimination?

Subject: Bosnian Bloggers do not rank, algorithmic bug or discrimination?

Zoran Knezevic to Google_Webmast.


I would not like to publicly rant but to draw you attention to bosnian most popular blog tool. Since algo update about
"paid listings" ranking dropped at from 5 to 3 and
every subdomain have lost its pagerank.

People are starting to wonder why. There is no reason for such a
punishment/discrimination. Many official institutions in Bosnia use
that tool even some foreign entities in our country for example ambassador of Great Britain in
Bosnia. I doubt that he sold links to his embassy on his blog so he do
not rank.

I think this is bug because if somebody adds to friends at
some it automatically put link in blogroll and that may
seem to be algorithmic and some filter killed whole just

Disclosure, I am not owner of and I am not associated with
their business only I have blog on that domain.



Google guys Thank you for resolving this issue.

Mislim nije nesto bitno... ali ako nista toolbar pokazje rank again

Za bosanske webmastere inace ako primjetite SPAM report it a ako primjetite probleme opet report it.

Use webmasters console to communicate with Google also use groups and comments on blogs.

Dakle ukratko komnicirati sa Google se moze trebsa biti iskren i otvoren i ne pokusavati ih zeznuti nego nastupati u najboljem interesu. Ko zna o cemu pricsm razumije ko ne nek ignorise ovaj post :)

25/01/2008 09:12